EPM Gas Technology sells its first GNC descompression installation in Mexico

EPM Gas Technology through GPIT, its local partner in Mexico, has concluded the sale of turnkey equipment to the gas company Grupo PERC, in order to supply Natural Gas to its industrial client Cadillac Rubber and Plastics, an enterprise located in the city of Orizaba, in the state of Veracruz.


This station consists on a pressure reducer and measurement equipment (PRMS) LF2 model and two manifolds M1 of Global Gas Energy brand, that will supply a maximum of 500m3(s)/h to the internal system of the company. It is provided that the installation starts to work at early April and once engaged, its maintenance will be carried out in all risk modality.


The proliferation of CNG is growing up quickly not only in Mexico, where the pipeline does not arrive yet to many towns and factories, but all around the world given to its great benefits, both environmental and economic. The use of Natural Gas in industries allows a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions that mainly cause the greenhouse effect, and also represents an economic benefit that oscillates between 20% and 50% depending on the replaced combustible and the market fluctuations.

EPM Gas Motor Sport



Our own rally competition team

After a period of experimental development and multiple trials and tests, the new Mitsubishi EVO-V GNC P1 is now a palpable reality. A project purely driven by R&D and completely developed by EPM Gas Technology®.

The project consisted in converting a petrol vehicle, which makes it the first competition vehicle in Spain powered by NGV. We have also developed a Mobile VG station, a special on-circuit report system.

In 2010, the first season, the EPM Gas Motor Sport team will contest a minimum of 8 tests in the Catalonia Rally Championship, on tarmac and off-road.


Engine 2.000 cc turbo-fed. 4 cylinders

Gas Engine facilities (with a 32 mm. flange) 270 CV, 448 Nm.

BANG BANG Management Incorporated

Gas tank 2 carbon fiber cylinders x 85 lts.

Estimated self-sufficiency in competition 100 km.

Regulator 1 ud. flow regulator up to 75 kg/h

Injection ramp pressure 8 bar

Nº injectors 8 uds.


Together with EPM Gas Motor Sport, sponsorship on different parts of the vehicle will have a great impact in the media due the large interest aroused by this sport. Moreover, the brand will be associated with technological innovation and with respect for Air quality.

Depending on its investment, for specific events it will be possible to permanently or temporarily reproduce their advertisements on the vehicle, on the pilots 'overalls and even on the teams' merchandising.

In the passionate world of rallies, help us advance this project and above all, benefit from the advantages which it entails.

For more information, please request a sponsorship dossier or contact us

- Mobile VG Stations

Design of special applications for the transport of the gas and subsequent supply to vehicles to take care of specific needs (competition, airport applications, emergency filling systems, distribution applications,...)