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Specific VG Projects

Far from concluding at the supply point, the activity of EPM Gas Technology® is involved in the development of gas applications, both at a technical and legal level, in the vehicle itself, in the location conditions, in the equipment and in the operation.

Repair Shop Equipment

Equipment that performs automated gas emptying operations at vehicle depots, as well as its subsequent inerting.

Once pressure test operations have concluded, the vehicle can be filled following the tightness test.

Gas Recovery

Design of gas recovery systems that allow reuse of gas blown off to the atmosphere in other facilities, minimising pollutant emissions at all times.

Conversion Kits
Development of conversion kits for vehicles

EPM Gas Technology® has in mind vehicle manufacturers and body makers (cars, heavy vehicles and forklifts) as well as final users, developing for them specific conversion kits or modifications to the original installation for the use of alternative fuels or for improving their performances in accordance with the service they provide.

Projects in this respect range from the development of injection systems to pipe clamps, including the design of injection cartography, injection rails, adjustment of test area performance features, legalization of the unit or alterations in accordance with R110, ancillary tanks or those with greater pressure to increase the autonomy and supply of components at more competitive prices.

EPM Gas Technology® establishes specific agreements in each case in order to commit with the manufacturer in the subsequent sale of their vehicles.


The NGV DEFUELLER was conceived in order to make possible the depressurisation of the gas installation, recuperation of the gas and the subsequent inerting of the vehicle in one single, totally automatic operation, this allows work in repair shops.

Once the repair of the vehicle has been completed, the same piece of equipment allows the filling to be carried out in the same position, this allows the air tightness of the installation to be verified in the same repair shop, preventing, in the case of gas only vehicles, the need to tow them to a service station.

Benefits offered

Operating benefits
The jobs to be carried out in repair shops are reduced by the completion of the emptying of the vehicle in one single operation. With one single piece of equipment all the jobs involving filling with gas or the evacuation of interior gas are taken care of.

Environmental benefits
Minimizes the contaminant emissions, preventing the gas from being vented to the atmosphere. Natural gas is a greenhouse gas and its noxious effect is up to 23 times more harmful than that produced by CO2.

Greater Safety
The use of the defueller improves the safety conditions of its repair shop. The operation of the equipment is extremely simple, due to its safety mechanisms which guarantee its integrity even in the event of misuse, preventing, at all times, any exposure of personnel to the gas.

There are two types


For installation in repair shops for fleets of vehicles which have their own compression and filling installation or VNG service stations equipped with a vehicle repair shop. It is of special interest to fleets of natural gas buses or lorries.


For repair shops which are not associated with a NGV service station or for those cases where the distance between the repair shop and the installations means that this solution is the most suitable.

Technical Regulations

EPM Gas Technology® gives advice on the preparation of public tenders and awards related to transport and Vehicular Gas. Trust in our experience to set out needs and priorities in establishing conditions and in the subsequent decision.

EPM Gas Technology® actively participates on management committees (AENOR, etc.) in all aspects relating to the update and improvement of gas regulations.

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