Sale of Equipment

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EPM Gas Technology® buys globally for all member companies, obtaining more competitive prices for industry equipment and components.

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VG Fleet Solutions


EPM Gas Technology® designs and builds turnkey VG stations that it maintains and operates “full-time” and with a comprehensive cover, always meeting the customer’s needs.

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Oil & Gas

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We have agreements with different companies to market and maintain equipment designed for the Oil & Gas industry

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VG Projects


Far from concluding at the supply point, the activity of EPM Gas Technology® is involved in the development of gas applications, both at a technical and legal level, in the vehicle itself

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Gas Applications


Due to their routing in urban areas, natural gas is particularly attractive on buses carrying passengers, which is one of the most widespread means of transport in the motor vehicle industry.

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In order to optimise all aspects of the project, EPM Gas Technology® works together with its customers, carrying out the work of studying and analysing their finance needs.

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