Gas Applications


Municipal Buses

Due to their routing in urban areas, natural gas is particularly attractive on buses carrying passengers, which is one of the most widespread means of transport in the motor vehicle industry.
Bus fleets driven by vehicular gas not only achieve financial savings, they also emit considerably fewer pollutant gases into the atmosphere, which contributes to improved air quality in urban areas.

MSW Services

The use of Vehicular Gas (VG) is of special interest in vehicles designed for municipal cleansing services, since it represents an economical and reliable alternative with respect to traditional fuels; it lengthens the useful life of the engine, reduces noise pollution by around 30% and reduces pollutant gas emissions, as well as the cost-effectiveness of using this fuel.

EPM Gas Technology® develops specific VG projects for your fleet of vehicles, depending on your type of business, the size and the activity, attending to your daily needs.

Forklift trucks

VG (vehicular gas) driven forklift trucks offer many attractive performance features.
Wherever it is desirable to reduce emissions, and electric forklift trucks are not an effective alternative, LPG or CNG forklift trucks can be used, obtaining the same performance features as an engine driven truck with a lower level of emission.
The use of VG powered forklift trucks provides major savings in forklift truck maintenance costs, productivity and life.

As well as designing supply points, EPM Gas Technology® works with the most prestigious forklift truck makes in the studying and dimensioned design of kits for converting forklift trucks to VG for the full range of models.

This project is of special interest for companies in the food industry that have to observe strict quality standards


The use of the gas includes the taxi sector, light transport vehicles (vans), private vehicles, courier services, etc, vehicles that essentially carry out their activity in urban areas.

At EPM Gas Technology® we design your installation, adapting it to your activity and type of fleet, helping to improve your daily productivity and thereby obtaining maximum cost-effectiveness with your vehicular gas powered fleet.

- Other Vehicles

Depending on local conditions in each country, vehicular gas can be applied to any types of vehicles, either land, sea or air.
We should highlight the use of vehicular gas on fishing boats, ships and ferries with fixed routes, which are becoming increasingly popular in coastal cities.

The use of VG gives great performance on special vehicles, being applicable on vehicles in railway services, port services or airport handling vehicles.

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